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Metal Bellows QUALITY

metal bellowsSigma-Netics takes great pride in our quality. Starting with the meticulous control of all raw materials, our complete manufacturing process is continuously monitored. The critical parameters of our metal bellows, such as; hardness, tensile strength, wall thickness, grain size, microfinish and cleanliness, are tightly monitored throughout every stage of production.

metal bellowsWhen the manufacturing cycle is complete, we take a sample size that undergoes a complete dimensional and mechanical inspection. The bellow is inspected for all standard criteria, such as; dimensional, spring rate, uniformity, and a visual inspection. In addition if there are any customer specific test requirements, they are performed and documented at this time.

We complete our inspection with a 100% visual review by highly trained and gloved inspectors. Each bellows is carefully examined for any minor flaws that can minimize a bellow's useful life. The bellows are then carefully packaged to the customer's requirements.

metal bellows
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