Reliable Pressure and Temperature Sensing

Founded in 1960, Sigma-Netics is a privately held corporation headquartered in Riverdale, NJ, with a second production facility in Yorktown, VA. We are a global manufacturer of pressure switches, pressure transducers, metal bellows and metal bellows assemblies. Our pressure switches focus on protecting equipment, processes and personnel, while our bellows are used in many applications ranging from industrial temperature sensing to flight-critical aerospace applications.

We manufacture all our products with uncompromising quality, innovative designs and superior manufacturing techniques in our 30,000 square foot NJ facility, while our VA plant supports the production of our pressure transducers.

Pressure Switches

Our pressure and vacuum switches offer extensive cycle life under the harshest operating conditions. For more than 50 years, our ruggedized pressure and vacuum switches have served in demanding mining, oil-and-gas, aerospace, military and industrial applications.

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Pressure Transducers

Whether high pressures, radiation or fatiguing conditions—it doesn’t matter. Our ruggedized pressure transducers stand up to the toughest industrial and aerospace applications, providing high accuracy and reliability.

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Metal Bellows Expertise

We offer a wide variety of metal bellows including seamless hydroformed bellows, edge welded bellows and electrodeposited nickel bellows, which are available in brass, phosphorous bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel and Monel. In addition to offering stand-alone bellows, we are experts at soldering, brazing and welding, and can provide an assortment of assemblies such as liquid filled thermostats, altitude sensing aneroid assemblies and a wide variety of other value added assemblies used in the HVAC, medical and electrical distribution marketplace.

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