Accuracy and reliability in harsh environments

Sigma-Netics pressure transducers feature high FSO accuracy and reliability under the toughest conditions. Choose from a variety of options, including electrical connections, outputs, thermal compensation ranges—and more.

We produce units that can withstand radiation, fatigue and high pressures in excess of 30,000 psi. Due to their ruggedized, space-saving design, our transducers meet the requirements of demanding industrial and aerospace applications—including deep space missions.

We produce a variety of pressure transducers including the SST 14X, SST 64X-RT, SST 144, SST 44X and SST 74X-UV.

SST 14X General Industrial Pressure Transducer

This general industrial pressure transducer offers a wide range of user selected physical configurations.

  • Wetted material alternatives
  • Extended thermals
  • Surge/Short circuit protection
  • Pressure ranges to 25,000 psi
  • ±0.25% FSO accuracy, standard (with ±0.1% FSO accuracy available)
  • Analog and Digital outputs available

SST 64X-RT Radiation Tolerant MV/V Pressure Transducer

Designed for use in areas with limited installation space, this radiation tolerant MV/V pressure transducer is ideal for the most challenging applications.

  • Custom ATP
  • NDE traceability
  • Custom thermal compensation ranges
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Radiation-tolerant
  • Low mass

SST 44X Ruggedized Multi-Purpose Aerospace Pressure Transducer

A ruggedized, all welded, customizable, multi-purpose aerospace pressure transducer is ideal for all applications.

  • Shunt calibration
  • Multi-temperature thermal sensor characterization
  • Custom ATP
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Cryogenic options
  • Digital and analog outputs

SST 44X-M Ruggedized Miniature Aerospace Pressure Transducer

The SST 44X-M (“M” for “Mini”) is the smallest, bonded foil, high accuracy, full range sensor on the market today. The SST 44X-M offers the repeatability, thermal performance, stability and vibe/shock insensitivity of bonded foil while providing the mass reduction and compact size of other technologies.

  • Low mass <90 grams
  • ASIC-based output
  • All-welded hermetic construction
  • LOX cleaning (up to Level 50/50A)
  • High vibration and shock resistant

SST 74X-UV Submersible Vehicle Depth Pressure Transducer

Compact, shallow diaphragm sensors with a configurable flange design that allows outboard or inboard bulkhead installation.

  • 0.75” Max OD
  • 15-5 PH SS or Inconel wetted parts
  • All welded hermetic construction
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Low mass less than 90 grams
  • ASIC-based output

SST 144 High-Pressure, Fatigue-Rated Pressure Transducer

High-pressure, fatigue-rated pressure transducer developed for applications where high pressures and high cycle life meet.

  • Customer specified electrical connections
  • Span adjustment pot
  • Extended temperature compensation ranges
  • Pressure ranges to 100,000 psi
  • High level output (analog and digital)
  • ±0.25% FSO accuracy

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