SST 74X-UV Series Transducer

Submersible vehicle depth transducer

Underwater vehicles require unique configurations for instrumentation and pressure sensing. When our customers asked, we delivered. The SST 74X-UV Series transducers are compact, shallow diaphragm sensors with a configurable flange design that allows outboard or inboard bulkhead installation.

Standard Features

  • 0.75” Max OD
  • 15-5 PH SS or Inconel wetted parts
  • All welded hermetic construction
  • High vibration and shock resistant
  • Low mass <90 grams
  • ASIC-based output

Available Options

  • Custom ATP
  • Program management
  • NDE traceability
  • Customizable non-standard pressure ranges
  • Custom thermal compensation ranges (-320°F to 400°F)
  • Internal thermal measurement
  • Optional alarm setting (digital only)
  • Alternate flange configurations (consult factory)


  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)
  • Saltwater and freshwater depth measurement


  • Standard Ranges:
    0-100, -250, -500, -750, -1000, -1500, -2000, -3000, -5000, -7000, -10000 PSIA / PSIG / PSIS
  • Proof pressure: 1.5x range
  • Burst pressure: 2.5x range
  • Compensated temperature range: -65°F to +250°F process Temperature (options available)
  • Operating temperature range: -65°F to +250°F ambient and process temperature (Maximum Operating Temperature for digital output is +185°F)