Vacuum Interrupters and
Adjustable Capacitors


Stainless Steel Bellows Offer Quality, Cleanliness and Availability

Since 2005, we’ve manufactured and shipped millions of stainless steel and alloy bellows that have been engineered for use in vacuum interrupters and adjustable capacitors. You can take advantage of our wide range of bellows design options—with many choices in sizes, materials and end styles. We understand that clean, high-performance bellows are a crucial part of your supply chain, and we offer an unmatched inventory and high global availability at all times.

Technical Features

  • Sizes from 1/4- to 4-inch OD
  • Consistent wall thickness from 0.0035 to 0.0065 inches
  • Long life—tested to surpass application life requirements
  • Multiple materials
    • 316L, 321, 304L, 316 Ti
    • Beryllium Copper
    • Monel 400
  • Closed- and open-end designs
  • Seamless and seam-welded designs


  • Stocking programs allowing for quick delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rigorous cleanliness standards
  • Packaged in clean plastic trays


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